Our company, which operates in Veneto with forty years of experience , is engaged in production of glass accessories dedicated to the lighting world by adopting all the techniques of glass art .
The production of pressed glass with automated system allows to obtain an uniform  quality products like : prisms , drops, octagons , rosettes and other pendants for chandeliers of Bohemian type . These pendants can also be supplied pinned  with lengths and compositions requested by the customer .
With the production of blown glass , we get products with the features of uniqueness of handmade items : arms , scrolls , bobeches, columns and other components for chandeliers. In addition to our standard models , we can also run articles on design proposed by the customer.
We also perform the cutting and grinding of glass products for perfumery , the production of glass flames for the funerary art and chandeliers of various shapes and colors , also these customizable on demand.
All with the characteristics of quality and guarantee of "Made in Italy".